The Worst Hockey Cards of All-Time is a new feature at Houses of the Hockey. On occasion, we’ll be highlighting some of the ugliest, funniest, and error-ridden cards both past and present.

Ah the error card. Sometimes in the process of printing some 400+ cards there’s just bound to be some mistakes. There’s all out intentional disasters like the infamous 1990-91 Pro Set series, but there’s also more subtle and forgivable mistakes like mixing up a couple of moustaches. That just so happened to be the case with Paul MacLean’s rookie card in the 1981-82 O-Pee-Chee set.

Paul MacLean was well known for his bushy ‘stache throughout his playing career. It just so happened that Larry Hopkins, his Winnipeg Jets teammate in 81-82, was also known to rock an impressive duster. All of that upper lip hair must have made for quite the confusion on photo day as MacLean’s rookie card ended up erroneously featuring a frightening image of Hopkins.

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