The Dump and Chase – 02/24/2011

Hiller Might Be Suffering From Vertigo

Jonas Hiller’s mysterious head troubles may actually be symptoms of Vertigo. While that would effectively rule out a concussion as the root of his problems, it’s certainly not good news. Hiller via L.A. Times:

“They kind of ruled out the concussion thing. They’re saying it’s kind of vertigo,” Hiller said. “They couldn’t really tell me where it’s coming from or whatever so that’s kind of the tough part, to just accept it and not knowing what it’s coming from and just work with that to try to desensitize my brain.

“With all the input I get from my body it seems like I’m almost overreacting to stuff that’s normally not important or the brain would kind of leave out because it’s just everyday things, but it seems like right now I’m all over the place because I almost got too much feedback from my body.”

Sabres Welcome New Owner, Say Goodbye to Captain?

Not that new Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula neccesarily had anything to do with it, but the first order of business in this new era was to place captain Craig Rivet on waivers. Rivet had slipped down the defensive depth chart in Buffalo to the point that you’d struggle to find his place on it.

Deadline Day’s Most Significant Deals

A beast of a list style post from Wyshynski over at Puck Daddy with the top 20 most significant deadline day deals. From tales of former Leafs like Larry Murphy flourishing elsewhere to the only trade in the history of sports to involve guys named Ulf and Zarley, Puck Daddy has your deadline day history covered.

What’s a Goaltender’s Hot Start Worth? More Playing Time!

In light of the great start to James Reimer’s career in Toronto, BehindTheNet takes a look at the importance of a goaltender’s first 15 games.

NHL Denies Rumours of Live Streaming on YouTube

Phew, and here all along we were dreading the the thought of NHL hockey games getting overdubbed with horrible soundtracks from Nickelback and Three Doors Down. Via PaidContent

Bobby Butler Toe Drags, Goes Shelf