The NHL postseason is rapidly approaching an, as David Puddy says, “you gotta let ‘em know you’re out there, it’s the playoffs.”

Today we thought we’d look at a few fans who have gone that extra mile to support their favourite team.

There’s something about outdoor games that excites the fans a little bit more, which leads to more elaborate costumes.   Maybe it’s the cold.

Another shot from the 2011 Heritage Classic.  We didn’t know Santa was a Flames fan or that he owned a giant cowboy hat.  It makes perfect sense that he’s drinking a beer out of a foam hockey glove though.  Perfect sense.

This reminds us of those stories we’ve all heard about fish getting stuck in those plastic beer can rings.

The best thing about having a child is that you can force a baby to support pretty much any team you’d like.

Remember what we said about outdoor games leading to more excitement and better costumes?

If it was the goal of these Avalanche fans to terrify pretty much anyone else in the arena, they’ve succeeded.

We hope this Flyers fan is wearing some sort of novelty hands and that he’s not suffering from some terrible illness.

We’re not sure if these are the Green Men in Vancouver or just some Green Men…

This one may be considered a little racist…

We’re pretty sure that this Panthers fan has haunted our dreams for the past several weeks.