Yesterday, fake Twitter accounts caused some serious anxiety on the Internet.  While we were as annoyed with all of the fake media personalities spreading fake rumours as anyone else, there is a certain type of fake Twitter account that we love.  We’re talking about the parody Twitter account.

Like @CountBettman above, parody Twitter accounts aren’t meant to be taken seriously.  They’re not trying to fool anyone and they’re all in good fun.  Here are a few of our favourites.

The fake @KyleWellwood account is surprisingly low on fat jokes, but still high on humour.  It has updates like “Ron Wilson once looked into my soul. He told me he only saw anger and Croissants” and “1.35 for this season…. Not bad, but I’m gonna tell the government I’m only making 700,000$… don’t tell them.”

The fake @DanBylsma account is one of the two Penguins-related accounts we’re going to feature here.  It includes Tweets like “Well, I guess we can now assume the Capitals arnott going to win the Cup this year…yet again,” “While I’m breaking down film on the plane on my laptop, Boudreau has his hands in his pants and wing sauce on his face totally stunned” and “Just had Tyler Kennedy pour some Mellon Arena melted ice into a kiddie pool so I could take a pre-game dip…glorious and refreshing!”

The fake @AlexSemin account brings the funny as well.   From “Guest tweet from Alexei Kovalev: ‘I’m overrated’” to “Inspired by the commercial, I just sent the Wings GM a provocative message on my BBM: ‘You know you want Semin before the trade deadline’” there are a lot of laughs to be had here.

The fake @EvgeniNabokov account features Tweets like “Yawn i is having a relaxing break. Does anybody know when playoffs is starting??” and “Sending Garth Snow a Valentine and box of Sweet Hearts yesterday…too soon? Mario Lemieux should teach him all about love and forgiveness.”

@Evil_Shero is like the cocky inner monologue of Ray Shero.  Tweets include “Anyone want to make an AHL trade with me, just for the hell of it?” and “Colby Armstrong. Every year that hack depots me talking to him, then I have to calm Sid down, like he’s got getting a puppy.”

Of course, one of the most infamous fake Twitter accounts is fake @BrianBurke.  This account was run by @DownGoesBrown but it has since been shut down by its creator.

Are we missing any great parody Twitter accounts?  Let us know!