Table top hockey it is not, but The New Toy‘s NHL® Hockey Guys offers a level of attention to detail that should allow for a relatively simple re-creation of the 1979-80 Bruins and Rangers brawl at MSG.

Via The New Toy official press release:

CHICAGO, IL— From the “Miracle On Ice” to its disappearance as a national sport during the 2004/2005 season, ice hockey has had a storied history in the United States. Now experiencing a resurgence, what better way to commemorate part of this sport’s history than with a set of sports action figures bearing the colors and logos of the six original NHL® teams: Chicago Blackhawks®, Detroit Red Wings®, New York Rangers®, Boston Bruins®, Toronto Maple Leafs®, and Montreal Canadiens®.

The highly-anticipated release of this toy, set for early Spring 2011, is set to be the featured item for the last two weeks of April, courtesy of co-founder James Geisen, a toy expert who handpicks, reviews, and markets the most quality toys available, virtually guaranteeing that The New Toy’s products are unique, safe and, most importantly, fun. On the official launch date, The New Toy’s website will be the exclusive resource online* for two weeks to purchase the official NHL®-sponsored toy. NHL® Hockey Guys represent the second appearance of a Kaskey Kids product on The New Toy, which featured the popular “Football Guys” as a Weekly Featured Toy in December 2010.

The NHL®-licensed version of the popular Hockey Guys includes 14 players, one referee, two goals, one puck, 10 rink pieces, and one plastic “ice” mat which all comes neatly packaged in a stackable container. This opened ended toy is great for kids and adults alike. Kids can act out millions of real game-time scenarios or use their imaginations to construct a stadium full of screaming fans.

This surface just doesn’t look right without metal rods and narrow slots to maneuver plastic plastic hockey players up and down the ice.

Now excuse us while we head to the pub for a game of Super Chexx.