The Dump and Chase – 03/02/2011

Ken Campbell of The Hockey News reported on Tuesday that Dallas oilman Douglas Miller had made an offer to purchase the Stars, and that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban could still be in the mix with a potential offer on the horizon: has learned Dallas oilman Douglas Miller has made an offer to purchase the Stars, but there is also speculation Miller could be for Cuban what is known in business circles as a “stalking horse,” someone who establishes the value of a business by making an offer before another party comes in with a more lucrative one.

In any event, Miller’s offer is believed to be for about $110 million cash, but it would likely be publicly announced as somewhere in the $225 million range. That’s because in addition to the purchase price, Miller would assume about $20 million in existing debt, most of which is owed to the NHL for the advancement of television and revenue sharing money to help keep the Stars afloat. Also built into the purchase price would be four years of losses estimated at about $25 million per year.

Defending Big D has more on the Stars ownership rumblings.

From the ‘Things You Didn’t Hear Chris Pronger Say Upon Leaving Edmonton’ Files…

Dustin Penner spoke with Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times about joining the Kings and he had this to say about his time in Edmonton:

“I learned a lot about myself and about the hockey world. It taught me a lot and made me better as a player and as a person. I think I’m better for it.”

Greyhounds’ Broll Gets KTFO

A scary moment here as David Broll of the Sault Ste. Marie gets knocked out cold with a punch from Sudbury’s Justin Sefton. Stick tap Buzzing The Net for the clip:

More Problems with Coyotes Sale

Via The Sporting News:

A few weeks ago, completion of the deal to [Matthew] Hulsizer, a Chicago financier, seemed close. However, sources told the Phoenix Business Journal the deal could collapse. Part of the problem? An Arizona organization’s threat to pursue a court challenge regarding bonds Glendale plans to issue as part of the deal.

Hulsizer has said he wants the Goldwater Institute, a conservative watchdog group, to withdraw its plan to sue. If the institute continues with its plan, Hulsizer would be left with a deal under a cloud of uncertainty over future costs.

As the Phoenix Business Journal reported, the potential suit could not only drive up the cost of the bond package but also could scare away investors.

The Dropkick Murphys Talk Boston Bruins and Fights with Habs Fans

Paul Brothers spoke with The Dropkick Murphys for the latest installment of theScore Music Series:

Linus Omark’s Latest Shootout Sweetness