The Dump and Chase – 03/04/2011

Step into the trolley tracks and you pay, right? Dion Phaneuf is a fantastic captain because he will always remind you to keep your fucking head up, believe it.

We Couldn’t Make This Up: ‘Charlie Sheen Night’ in the ECHL

Puck Daddy’s Sean Leahy with the details on the Bakersfield Condors upcoming ‘Charlie Sheen Night’:

• Free admission for anyone who brings a clean drug test, which could bring interesting results.

• Ditch the Condors hat and pop on a fedora or dress like any Sheen movie character and your ticket is just $2.50. (We’d go with Jake Kesey from “The Wraith”, because we imagine there’ll be one too many Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughns in attendance).

• If you’re one of the first 1,000 males you get a Sheen face on a stick mask.

• Bakersfield is also attempting a Guinness World Record of reaching one million Twitter followers in less than 25 hours and 17 minutes, the amount of time it took Sheen to hit one million when he joined the social media site this week. Should they break the record, they’ll let Sheen rename the team.

For the record, I’d don the denim and glazed eyes look that Sheen rocked in 1990′s “The Rookie”.

Create a Nickname for Maxim Lapierre

The White Towel
lays out the guidelines for creating an NHL nickname as they’ve got some kind of reader submitted nickname poll going on for Maxim Lapierre. No word on whether our submission of “shitbag” made the cut.

Ramage, Incorporated – Former Leafs Captain Up For Parole on Friday

Rob Ramage is up for parole today after serving eight months of a four-year sentence for impaired driving causing death.

Avalanche Theme Songs

Colorado Avalanche blog Mile High Hockey has come up with their own suggestions for individual theme songs for Avs players. You better believe they included Peter Forsberg – his theme is Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”, of course.

Your Guide to Being a Tampa Bay Lightning Fan

A Lightning fan’s guide to being a Lightning fan via the excellently named Don’t Trade Vinny.

Today in Concussion Speculation

Tyson Strachan of the St. Louis Blues has six career NHL regular season fights under his belt and holds a record (according to, of course) of 0-6. Tyson Strachan of the St. Louis Blues got clobbered by Washington’s Matt Bradley (like, the third best goon on that team) and required assistance to locate the contents of his skull on his way to the dressing room Thursday night. You be the judge, armchair neurologist.

Seventh Something of a Seventh Something

Bruins win 7th straight

Carey Price blanks Panthers for 7th shutout

Hurricanes move into 7th in the East

7 is my name.