New York Islanders enforcer Trevor Gillies didn’t last long after returning from a nine game suspension for his role in the Penguins/Islanders embarrassment of fists last month. Gillies was handed a ten game suspension following an in person disciplinary hearing on Friday for violently slamming Minnesota’s Cal Clutterbuck into the glass on Wednesday night.

Gillies’ actions and character were the subject of much scorn over the past 36 hours, with some extremists even calling for a permanent ban on the 32-year old tough guy. We’re not going as far to say that Gillies should face expulsion from the NHL, but the timing of his latest transgression isn’t doing much to help his image. Gillies and players like him will continue to pop-up in the NHL as long as it’s a league that continues to embolden the use of ‘goons’ to ‘protect’ its superstars.

Here in all of their 140-character glory, with little regard for grammar and punctuation, are your musings on Trevor Gillies via Twitter:

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  1. and what about clutterbucks hit just before that? no suspension for that? not even a $10 fine?

  2. Thats funny, I was going to say the exact same thing. Just because he got hurt, he gets away with his cheap shot which was just as bad. I actually thought his was worse when I firsts saw it. Colin Campbell = Weak

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