Thanks to the rapid growth of DIY t-shirt shops, hockey fans now have more ways to show their love for the game than just sporting a traditional jersey or team logo. That’s right, hockey inspired apparel has gotten creative with the help of some witty types like the good people at Pucking Hilarious, SBNation, and various other online t-shirt designers. We figured there was no better way to start this list than with an homage to one of the greatest fictional hockey characters of all-time, Carl Racki of the Thunder Bay Bombers from the 1986 film Youngblood.

Here are 11 other hockey t-shirt designs we just couldn’t live without:

Make Somebody’s Head Bleed? Make Somebody’s Head Bleed

This nod to EA Sports’ iconic NHLPA ’93 and the 1996 film Swingers from Pucking Hilarious was declared an instant classic upon its release. You won’t find blood in NHL video games anymore, but Gretzky’s head will bleed forever on this t-shirt.

Not For Rod Langway Fans

The Washington Capitals became one of the NHL’s most popular teams once Alex Ovechkin hit the ice in 2005-06. If you’re a Capitals fan that fails to appreciate the contributions of Peter Bondra, Mike Ridley, Rod Langway, or the playoff scoring prowess of one John Druce then this shirt from Broad Street Hockey is for you.

What, No Briefs?

Declare your personal men’s underwear preference with this Oilers inspired shirt from Throwing Bombs, or pay homage to the knuckles of Steve MacIntyre.

Never Forget: The 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals

Because the Bruins fans in your life could always use a reminder… Another effective design from Broad Street Hockey.

Show Your Support for Couture Before It’s Too Late

Get this one from Fear The Fin while it’s still relevant, because guys only get one shot at being a rookie… or one and a 1/4 chances in Couture’s case.

Show Your Ovechkin Erechkin!

Rock the shirt and play translator as required with this beauty from

Show Off Your Language Skills and Support The Flyers

This shirt knows more words than Dan Carcillo. Image via Birdland Philadelphia and The Fightins.

Hackey Night!

Simple and effective, this all-time great from Pucking Hilarious has been spotted on the backs of Kessel detractors and fans alike.

There is Only One Tore Vikingstad

With a name that sounds like something out of Nordic folklore, Tore Vikingstad was an Olympic and hockey legend the moment he stepped on the ice with Norway at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The third and final effort from Pucking Hilarious on this list.

A Pabst Blue Ribbon and Columbus Blue Jackets Mash-up

How else can you combine your love of hipster beer and hockey in Ohio other than with this shirt from

Cam Neely + Dumb and Dumber, FTW

Carl Racki t-shirt image via IceJerseys