For the second year-in-a-row, the NHL will use the “History Will Be Made” campaign for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Is it just us or does the confused “Did he actually score?  Is the game over?” call of Patrick Kane’s goal make that commercial even better than it really is?

This is what the NHL has to say about the commercials:

Last season’s History Will Be Made campaign was one of the most successful campaigns in NHL history, driving more than 302 million TV viewers for the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the most watched in 36 years. The campaign, which featured prominent Playoffs moments from NHL greats Bobby Orr and others, not only drove interest and television viewership but connected with fans on an emotional level and inspired them to create and post their own versions of the TV spots to YouTube, generating more than 2,400 fan-created commercials and more than 8 million total views.

In addition to the Blackhawks commercial above, there’s also a Jonathan Toews commercial called “Wish,” a commercial that showcases the “Easter Epic” and another one called “Mess” which is probably the best of the bunch.

These are some of our favourite NHL commercials already.  They have much more emotion than the “What if” ads that aired last year and they give the Stanley Cup and the entire playoffs an epic, historic feel.  When you watch these ads you truly understand how much the Stanley Cup has meant to people for a number of generations and how much it continues to mean to people.

We chose our favourite NHL promos a while back, and these ones are already good enough to be added to that list.

Now to wait for the parodies…