Jonathan Willis’ post about Trade Deadline Goaltenders got us thinking about NHL goalies changing teams.  Of course, you may have noticed that we’re a little obsessed with what NHL players wear, so we almost immediately started thinking about their helmets.  Sure, most goaltenders eventually get a new mask paint job when they change teams, but that often takes a little while.  Until that happens you’re left with a scene depicting two Abominable Snowmen angrily snarling at a Roman Centurion.

And that’s just one of the things we love about hockey.

Here are a few of our favourite mismatched masks.

Dwayne Roloson’s Islander Lightning

Sorry Dwayne, your Islander is showing.  It’s kind of hard to hide your mask when it has a giant New York Islanders logo on it, so Roloson didn’t even try.  Not even a boring sticker crudely pasted on the mask would cover up that electric orange.

J.S. Giguere’s Angry Duck as a Leaf

In terms of clashing colours, trying to mix black, gold and orange with blue and white is as bad as it gets.  The angry duck always reminded us of Howard the Duck though, so it’s cool with us.

Brian Elliot’s Tape Job

Brian Elliot came to Colorado in exchange for Craig Anderson.  When he got to the Mile High City, he decided to cover up the Senators logo on his helmet with a lot of black tape and a Colorado Avalanche sticker.  That’s same way we decorated our binders in high school.

Huet’s Red, White and Blue

This one almost matches, until you look closely at the chin and realize that the famous “CH” of the Montreal Canadiens is hiding beneath the Capitals’ logo.  Isn’t that considered sacrilegious?

Johan Hedberg’s Original Moose Mask

The mask that spawned a nickname.  When Hedberg was called up from the Manitoba Moose he wasn’t able to get a new mask in time, so he wore his blue Manitoba Moose one.  He started winning and the crowds liked it, so the blue mask stayed for a while.  Also, looking back, it foreshadowed the Penguins readopting blue into their colour scheme.

A Red Eagle in San Jose

We love Ed Belfour’s “Eagle” mask design and evidently, so did he.  He wore a very similar design throughout his career, regardless of what team he was on.  However, when he first made the move from Chicago to San Jose, his helmet and pads were still feeling a little Chicago-style.

Jeff Hackett’s just a disaster

We couldn’t find a picture of this that wasn’t from a hockey card, but the card is bad enough.  Here is Jeff Hackett, depicted as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers, wearing a Boston Bruins jersey while his pads and mask from the Montreal Canadiens.  The fact that he’s wearing the “Winnie the Pooh” jersey makes this a giant failure all rolled into one. Credit to the message board for the find.

Michael Leighton May Want to Stop Painting his Mask

Michael Leighton’s been around the league (and the waiver wire) a few times, so he may not want to paint his mask anymore.  It’s gotta be annoying to change it so often.  A Jonas Hiller-like black mask might be his best bet right now.

Theodore’s Stickers

Here is another situation where the Habs logo is covered with a sticker.  This wasn’t the only time that Jose Theodore has used stickers on his mask either.  When he first joined the Minnesota Wild this season, he went for an all-sticker look for a little while:

Again, this looks more like a kid’s binder than a goalie mask..

What are your favourite mismatched masks?