As colleague Tomlinson mentioned in his updated post on Zdeno Chara’s devastating hit on Max Pacioretty, the NHL will be not hand down any supplemental discipline on the Bruins defenceman.

So here we are with another baffling case of NHL justice, or lack thereof depending on how you view the hit. Was there intent on the part of Chara to ride Pacioretty in the stanchion and nearly decapitate him, does it matter if there was? Apparently not, if Mike Murphy’s ruling on the case is to be considered definitive. Those who believe that it was the correct decision will cite the hit as just another “hockey play” that unfortunately led to a serious injury, and that it was simply a matter of on-ice geography. Those that feel it was the incorrect call by Murphy and the NHL argue that Chara has to held responsible for the hit and that he knew damn well what he was doing while rubbing Pacioretty out along the boards.

The debate has been heated all day on Twitter and has been getting all the more intense with official word on no suspension coming down. Here’s some reactions that we’ve compiled from various media types, bloggers, and hockey fans:

What do you think, did the NHL make the right call on Chara’s hit?