Have you seen Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby hasn’t played hockey since January 5th as he continues to battle the effects of a concussion. It’s a shame that his incredible season has been lost. Crosby was in the midst of his most dominant performance of NHL competition since he came into the league in 2005-06, and even if he returns to the Penguins to finish the year we’ll be left to wonder what could have been.

Like most bloggers and mainstream media members that cover the game, we wait each and every day for some kind of indication that Crosby will, or will not, return this season. We grew tired of waiting on word from traditional sources, so we took it upon ourselves to work some non-traditional sources like our crack team of 110% reliable sources from the Maritimes. Using social media tools, message boards, and email – we have compiled the best Sidney Crosby sightings that have been floated our way.

Gene from Halifax claims to have approached Crosby in a Tim Horton’s:

“I saw that Crosby boy at a Timmy’s just off the Bedford highway there and he just didn’t look right. He was sitting all by himself and I thought I’d give him some supportive words but when I got closer I could hear him reciting all the lines from his own Tim Horton’s commercial and I just turned the other way as he was freaking my granddaughter out some good.”

“The American” spots Crosby at a Lady Gaga concert?

“Crosby isn’t in Nova Scotia because I saw him cheering and going nuts at the Lady Gaga show in Pittsburgh. Seemed okay to me. I wish he’d play some hockey already.”

Geoff from Newfoundland sent in this entirely plausible doozy:

“So I’m down there in the Caribbean swimming in the ocean going scuba diving right deep in the ocean. Next thing I knows a huge great white shark is circling around me getting ready to eat me for dinner. I don’t know what I’m gonna do right? Figure I’ll have to fight this big bastard of shark off and try and save me own life. Shark is coming right for me and all of sudden this young fella steps between us and throws a wicked right hand and clocks the shark right in the snot box. Big great white just swims off all pissed off and ashamed of his self. I’m trying to reach the surface of the water and get back to the boat when the fella who saves me life surfaces too. I look right at em and can’t believe me eyes, it’s Sidney fuckin Crosby. I goes “thanks Sid for saving my life” and 87 just goes “no problem Geoff”. Fucking knew my name and everything.”

D.K. claims to have spotted Crosby at a public skate outside of Halifax:

“A bunch of us were heading to the free skate to hang out with some grade 9 girls and we saw Crosby trying to put his skates on and he was all messed up. He finally tried to get out on the ice and his skates were on the wrong feet. Man, I hope he plays again but that shit was scary.”

Parksy believes Crosby was playing in his Nova Scotia gentlemen’s hockey league:

“Them boys on the Silver Bullets wouldn’t admit it but they had one helluva ringer on their team for the first game of playoffs. Guy was wearing number 78… great fucking disguise right? Buddy was just walking around us left and right and there ain’t no hitting so it’s not even like Craigsy or Killer could have laid him out without getting tossed. I can say for sure that it was probably Sidney Crosby but he was working real hard to hide it.”

Thomas’ tale of spotting Crosby in a Mr. Sub restaurant:

“I saw Crosby at Mr. Sub in Cole Harbour. He was ahead of me in the line and I said “hi” and told him I hope he gets back soon. He seemed to be doing okay and he was friendly, but he did ask for ketchup on his ham and swiss sandwich and that was kinda weird.”

Gerald from Cole Harbour writes:

“My son Lawrence and his close friend Steven were out selling apples in the greater Halifax area for a fundraising initiative with their Cub Scouts group. The boys came up to a house and knocked on the door and they said it was Sidney Crosby who answered. The boys were beside themselves with excitement as their hero is standing in the doorway. I guess Steven worked up enough courage to ask him if he’d like to buy some apples, and Crosby just looks at them and says “How far do you think I could toss one of those?”. My son told me that Steven said that the apples were for eating and not throwing, and Sidney responded by saying “I bet I could whip one to other side of that lake”. Steven then told Sidney that the whole basket was his to try and throw across the lake if he just let the boys inside to use the washroom. Sidney is surely suffering from some kind of brain damage as he simply looked at the boys and told them to “piss off” and then slammed the door.”

What’s your Sidney Crosby sighting story?