The NHL may be coming under fire for its lack of discipline on Zdeno Chara, but Tampa’s Pavel Kubina wasn’t so lucky in escaping the hammer of justice on Thursday. Kubina was handed a three-game suspension for his elbow to the head of Chicago’s Dave Bolland Wednesday night.

There was no penalty on the play and, unfortunteatly, the only video we could scare up of the incident was this lousy piece:

Damien Cristodero of Lightning Strikes with more on the incident and discipline:

Bolland had to leave the game with what was said to be a possible concussion. Kubina will lose $60,096.76 in salary and miss games Friday against the Senators, Saturday against the Panthers and Monday against the Maple Leafs. He can return March 17 against the Canadiens.

Clearly, Kubina’s suspension history came in to play on the NHL’s decision on this one. Zdeno Chara, regardless of your stance on the Pacioretty hit, doesn’t have a checkered past quite like Kubina – but the NHL approaches discipline much like Shaquille O’Neal approached shooting free throws in his prime: you make one, you miss one.

Say, anybody remember that Ladislav Smid hit from behind on Wednesday?

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  1. Now we have people who have probably never played the game if even stand on a pair of skates wnting to bring criminal charges against Chara for a hockey hit that went bad and was totally unfortunate to see. All the players know where they are on the ice and that exact same thing could happen to them. Montreal police suggesting bringing up charges…WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP. Montreal whining fans need to pull ur heads out of ur butts and come up for air

  2. Hey Douchebag,

    maybe it’s not all of us. I dont think bringing legal action is allright. Police shouldnt get involved.

    But to say that Chara is clear!!! it’s disgrace. He even had the guts to tell reporters that he didn’t even know it was Pacioretty!!! come on, what a bunch of crap. Chara wanted to hurt Pacioretty, he tried to do it in the 2 previous game (wich the NHL didnt even take account of). I remember a game where >Chara went twice after Pacioretty in scrums after the whistle, one of them included Chara pounding on Pacioretty while he was on the ice…the game after, Chara went for a 2 handed slash full force on the bag of the leg of Pacioretty. All of this for a lousy small push after a winning goal…Ridiculous.

    I dont think Chara should hade been suspended 10 games, but certainly 1 or 2 if not just to say that this kind of behavior is not tolerated.

    Chara knew it was Pacioretty ( if it was Plekanec or any other, nothing would have happenned) and gave him a extra push to put him over the board, he also knew Pacioretty would probably get nailed by the glass. I do think that his intent was not to push directly his head in the glass, but to crash him in there for a solid hit ( remember Iafrate sliding on the board, hitting the same kind of stantion), But it was Paciorretty’s head that went first instead of his body.

    To say it’s a hockey play, I agree. Although, technically, it was a big interference play so you cant say it is)
    To say he did push him in the stantion, I agree.
    To say he wanted to injured the player, I disagree.

    And the worst, Chara Saying he didnt knew it was #67 is just A BUNCH OF CRAP!!

    Right now, the only thing of matter though is the kid’s recovery, let’s hope he can play as hard has he was before that scary episode.

  3. I usually don’t agree with the disciplinary action that the NHL sets forward, but this week, the NHL has been two for two. I totally disagree with your statement “you make one, you miss one” in this case.

    Zdeno Chara hit was really just unfortunate. It was a good hockey hate gone wrong, because of the location of the hit. I do agree that the hit was late, so I would have been fine with a fine. But it didn’t warrant a suspension.

    And anytime someone purposely delivers an elbow, I believe it should be a 2-5 game suspension for a first time offender.

    This week, I’m applauding the NHL for their disciplinary actions on these two decisions, and the way they’ve handled the Air Canada situation.

    Lastly, I agree with the above me. It is extremely stupid to try and procedure with legal actions for a body check. Let’s hope nothing comes out of it, for the sake of the NHL.

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