Winnipeg Jets Uniform Concepts

We’re pretty sure that Gary Bettman will continue to try and salvage the Phoenix Coyotes, but a return of the Winnipeg Jets is growing more conceivable with each passing hour. We’ll be quick with this one, but this bit from Icethetics is just too awesome to not mention. The popular jersey blog put out a call for submissions on concept art for Winnipeg Jets sweaters, and the results range from nostalgia-orgasm inducing to some completely remodeled looks!

We suggest you head over to Icethetics and get your vote on, here’s a quick sampling of a couple concepts:

The Classic Jets with an Updated Third

A Challenging New Look

I’m leaning more towards the classic look in the first picture, and that red ‘third’ is pretty sharp.

Stick tap er, bounce pass to Scott Carefoot of RaptorBlog and TBJ

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  2. I love the second concept – a nice, modern feel to it. But I also love it for another reason – the airplane you chose.
    I’m an aviation history buff, and that airplane – the Avro Arrow, designed and built completely in Canada – would have been the best fighter/interceptor in the world. Sadly, American politics intervened, and the Arrow was not put into service. But perhaps it could live on in a concept such as this.
    Beautiful job!

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