The NHL isn’t the only North American hockey league where players are programmed to seek and destroy. Niagara’s Tim Billingsley absolutely maimed Shane Prince of the Ottawa 67′s in Friday night OHL action.

It’s not the best quality of video, but it looks like Prince’s head was the principle point of contact for Billingsley’s shoulder.

Via James Culic, QMI Agency:

The packed Rona Centre went eerily quiet as trainers rushed out to check on Prince, who remained sprawled out on the ice for several minutes before being helped off by trainers. Prince, who already had three points against the IceDogs this season, did not return to the game.

A frightening incident, to say the least. We’ll try and update Prince’s status as more news is available.

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  1. great hit, nothing wrong with that, kid had his head down trying to stick handle around 4 ice dog players, as a coach you teach your defence to step up and hit em, it was a big hit but it was clean, scott to you know if anyone went after him/ was there a pentaly on the play??

  2. That’s a hard hockey hit, the guy came across the middle with his head down. Anyone who had played hockey in a checking league knows you never do that, and knows that the hitter did his job in the circumsances. Sure, the guy’s hurt and it looked bad, but you can bet he’ll never make that mistake again.

    Now let’s hear the hysteria from the people who don’t get it and ought to start watching the swedish elite league.

  3. Illegal hit to the head no doubt about it. Yes we teach kids to skate with their heads up but thats to avoid injury on illegal hits like this one. Just because a player has his head down does not mean it’s suddenly legal to hit him in the head. Anyone who thinks this hit is legal or believes for any reason that a hit to the head is “OK” is an idiot and not a true hockey fan. The hit by Billingsly wasn’t likely intended to hit Prince in the head but it was meant to crush him which is “OK” when done within the rules of the game. Too bad the rules prohibit a hit to the head therefore Billingsly’s hit was absolutely 100% illegal and he deserved 10 games at least. Can’t start bending the rules for hits to the head or every player will use the “I didn’t intend to do it” excuse. Great call by OHL Commissioner David Branch!

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