Oh “SENS,” we hardly knew you, but what we knew we hated.  Thankfully, you’re not long for this world.

Icethetics is like a jersey geek’s dreamland.  It’s an entire website dedicated to obsessing about hockey jersey details and breaking news about jersey changes.  Recently the site released their look at upcoming jersey changes for next season and the ridiculous “SENS” jersey will not be returning next year.

While that fact alone would be enough to cause celebration, the news has been known for a little while now.  What makes us even happier is that the “SENS” jersey isn’t the only hideous abomination that will disappear after this season.

Not a day goes by when that don’t curse the Atlanta Thrashers’ jersey designs.  However, there is some hope in the near future as the Thrashers plan to get rid of their terrible maroon uniforms after this season.  There are very few redeeming qualities about this jersey, from the text on the front to the birds on the shoulders and the vertical stripes on the socks.  Rather than simply retiring the jerseys, we suggest quietly burying them in a New Mexico landfill and pretending this whole situation never happened.

The Dallas Stars are another team that is desperately in need of a rebrand.  While their current third jersey is arguably nicer than their home and road uniforms, we’re still looking forward to a change in Dallas.  Unveiling a new alternate jersey design could mean the start of a new look for the Stars, which would be good news.  Their current uniforms are simply too plain and boring.

Unfortunately, it’s not just awful jerseys that will be disappearing at the end of this season.  The Maple Leafs will retire their white alternate uniforms and they will debut a new third jersey for next season.  The Leafs finally got their home and away jerseys right when they unveiled new ones in the summer of 2010, so even though we like the current third jersey, we’re still hopeful and looking forward to the news ones.

The New York Islanders are also planning on having a new alternate jersey next year and the Pittsburgh Penguins will wear their 2011 Winter Classic jerseys as alternates while retiring the 2008 Classic look.

A few teams are planning to release new home and away jerseys next year, not just alternates.  The Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings, Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning will have new looks next season.  We’ve already seen Tampa’s changes, but they’ve made some minor modifications since announcing the rebrand.  Unfortunately, the “BOLTS” jersey will remain.

In addition to the teams listed here, are there any other franchises that you’d like to see change looks?