It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which means that many NHL teams will be wearing green jerseys during warm-ups tonight.  Sure, the jerseys typically look hideous, but they’re just for fun before the game and the teams typically auction them off for charity afterwards.  We’re fine with that.  It’s a nice gesture by the teams and it’s fun for the fans.

However, we’ve always been confused about all of the other St. Patrick’s Day NHL gear that appears at this time of the year. has a surprisingly large selection of St. Patrick’s Day merchandise.  Who’s buying this stuff?  We totally understand spending money on a jersey that was worn in the pre-game skate and having the money go to charity.  We can even understand spending $15 on a t-shirt or $10 on a puck, especially if you’re going to a game on St. Patrick’s Day and want to remember the event.

But is someone really spending $100 on a green Philadelphia Flyers jersey?  Is anyone getting that jersey personalized for an extra $20?  If so, why?  We’re not trying to put anyone down here, we just don’t understand it.

There are better ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Last season the New Jersey Devils wore retro-style jerseys on St. Patrick’s Day and it was an excellent way to commemorate the day.

Of course, that only works because the Devils used to have green on their uniforms.  There aren’t many other teams that could do the same thing, since green isn’t part of many NHL teams’ past or present colour schemes.  But it would work for a couple clubs.

The Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks have a few looks from the past that include green.  While we probably wouldn’t want to see any of these designs return permanently (we’re looking at you “Wild Wing exploding from the ice jersey“) it would still be fun to see the Ducks become Mighty again for one night.

The Dallas Stars still have some green on their jerseys, but a return to one of their older ones that had more colour would be a great way to celebrate the Irish.  The Minnesota Wild currently have a green third jersey, so they’re taken care of as well.  The Leafs could bring back the St. Pats, as they have in the past.  Even Vancouver could possibly fit a green jersey into their repertoire,  since their colour scheme already includes green.

Of course, our true St. Patrick’s Day dream will probably never come true: A one-night return of the Whale.

All of these options make more sense than a green Detroit Red Wings jersey, right?