Consider Joe Thornton satisfied. Boston’s Brad Marchand was handed a two game suspension for his dangerous elbow to the back of R.J. Umberger’s head on Tuesday night in Columbus.

Marchand becomes the second NHL player in as many days to be slapped with a two game ban; Dany Heatley was suspended on Wednesday for an equally stupid blatant elbow to the head of Dallas’ Steve Ott.

If an objective of this week’s GM meetings was to work towards eliminating headshots and blindside hits from the game, the message appears to have been lost on the players. The elbow-to-head hits by both Marchand and Heatley are just the type of premeditated and unnecessary acts of violence that the NHL is being forced to address as a serious problem. Marchand ran Umberger from behind and planted his elbow in the back of his head on the way through him, there was no penalty on the play.

Just a stupid and dangerous play that has no place in the game. Marchand was lucky that Umberger wasn’t seriously injured which, under the unwritten laws of the “wheel of justice”, may or may not have cost him more games.

Are you satisfied with the ruling on Marchand?

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  1. he.s gonna be a good player sooner than later hall seguin skinner WHO are these guys .marchand calder trophy winner …….stanley here the big BAD bruins come ….

  2. i like him as a player, but this was a dumb play. He has been more productive than Seguin so far, but he is older.

  3. [...] suspended two games for an elbow on Steve Ott, and Brad Marchand was also given two games for his elbow on R.J Umberger.Heads kept rolling when Patric Hornqvist was fined $2,500 for his elbow on Tyler Seguin. The final [...]

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