When the 2011 History Will Be Made commercials were first announced we mentioned that we were now waiting for the parodies.  Evidentially the NHL was waiting as well:

The campaign…not only drove interest and television viewership but connected with fans on an emotional level and inspired them to create and post their own versions of the TV spots to YouTube, generating more than 2,400 fan-created commercials and more than 8 million total views. For the second straight year, fans will be able to download the music composed for the History Will Be Made campaign from the NHL’s Facebook page for fan-generated spots.

We’re focusing on videos that use the new “History…” sentence at the end, rather than the “What if?” theme, since that’s the way this year’s videos are structured. These are more serious videos than they are “parodies,” but they’re still very good.

Here we go!

“History begins in 13.6 seconds”

The creator of this video is actually a Nashville Predators fan. He says that “making this video gives our team inspiration and a drive to get out of the first round after such failure in 2010.”

History Will be Made “Ageless”

A good video featuring Sergei Fedorov against the Rangers in 2009.  This one is definitely in the spirit of the current crop of videos from the NHL.

‘Heroes’ Ian Laperriere

Unfortunately Ian Lapierre missed this entire season due to the concussion he suffered on that shot and he has been advised to retire. However, the video captures the emotion that this year’s “history will be made” commercials are based on.

History Will Be Made – Marian Hossa

This is an excellent fan video that feels like it could have been made by the NHL itself.

Obviously, these are just a few of the fan videos available online, but these ones do a good job at looking and feeling like the actual 2011 commercials.  We’re sure that there will be many more as we get closer to the playoffs.

For a great look at some parodies of last year’s videos, check out this post and this post on Puck Daddy.