We’d say that at this point there’s little left to write about notorious Pittsburgh sleazeball Matt Cooke, but we’re sure a few of you will find some colourful adjectives that we can’t use here.

I’ll direct you to our handy and easy to use head shot template developed Friday afternoon. You can fill in the blanks and feel like a real writer! Yeah, we’re sitting on a damn gold mine here.

Fire away on Cooke’s latest, an elbow to the head of Rangers defenceman Ryan McDonagh. Cooke received a five minute major and a game misconduct, and will no doubt get yet another chance to spin Colin Campbell’s favourite toy, the Wheel of Justice.

It was just over a month ago that Cooke had his last demonstration of idiocy when he drove Blue Jackets defenceman Fedor Tyutin into the boards from behind, which resulted in a four-game suspension. Only Cooke knows exactly what he was trying to accomplish by throwing an elbow into the face of McDonagh at the last second. He’s earned his reputation through ill-advised decisions like this one, but even the NHL’s most legendary cheap shot artists have their defenders, as we discovered with Sean Avery earlier this week.

Such a blatant lack of common sense is pretty tough to defend though, especially in a week when two players were suspended and one fined, and two of those incidents focused on flying elbows.