The Dump and Chase – 03/22/2011

Matt Cooke: “I know that I can be better”

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had an opportunity to toss some questions at Matt Cooke regarding his suspension and the plays that have made him the most hated man in the game, here’s some highlights of Cooke’s responses:

I’m fortunate that Ryan McDonagh wasn’t hurt. I don’t want to hurt anybody. That’s not my intention. I know that I can be better.

I made a mistake. I’m the one that’s accountable for that. I take full responsibility for it. I’m sorry to my teammates, my management, my coaching staff and my organization. It’s something that, moving forward, I’ll make different.

It’s a learning process. It doesn’t just stop with being suspended. It also doesn’t just stop with words. My actions will prove it.

Hockey Sweater Controversy in L.A.

The L.A. Kings are in line for some changes to their jerseys next season and the fans are getting confused. Jewels From The Crown rundown everything that’s right and everything that oh-so wrong with rumoured changes to the Kings’ look for 2011-12.

Getting “Old Ovi” Back for the Playoffs

Alex Ovechkin will sit out the Capitals game versus the Flyers this evening as he looks to get some much needed rest before heading into the playoffs.

“Dear Dwayne Roloson”: A Letter From an Islanders Blogger

Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey with a letter to Dwayne Roloson. It’s soaked in booze and a recommended read.

I mean, sure, you only chose the Isles in 2009 because they were the only team willing to commit two years to a goalie who remembers the first time Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunited, but the point is you never played a single game here that didn’t look like you were busting your tail. (That, or you really wanted another team to find you attractive. But whatever, hockey careers are short, goalie jobs scarce.) When you signed, some of us knew hoped that talent-wise, you were more than just The Old Man and the Crease. Thanks for not making us look stupid.

Johnson Saves

Pittsburgh’s Brent Johnson with a pair of stops from a slow night in the NHL.