The Dump and Chase – 03/23/2011

Mike Van Ryn: “we have to teach the players how to protect themselves”

Former NHLer turned junior hockey coach Mike Van Ryn has an idea on how to help prevent concussions and serious injuries in hockey: have the players protect themselves. Van Ryn watched his career end prematurely due to concussions he suffered in his final season, most notably from a huge Tom Kostopolous hit, and he believes that they could have been prevented had he been looking out for himself.

As an assistant coach of the OHL’s Niagara IceDogs, Van Ryn offered nothing but support to one of his players that dodged a hit from an opponent nearly 60lbs his senior while chasing down a loose puck – via The Globe and Mail:

“I said to him, ‘You’re in a vulnerable position, try to protect yourself,’” Van Ryn recalled. “If I didn’t make a play on that puck, maybe I don’t get hurt. Maybe Tom Kostopoulos doesn’t get suspended.”

From Wall Street to the Panthers Net

Puck Daddy on the latest emergency goaltender call up:

The team needed a goalie for practice, so Panthers forward Marty Reasoner(notes) offered up a suggestion: He knew a goalie that was already in New York, played two seasons at Boston College and could be available for practice that morning … and who happened to also be his younger brother.
Adam Reasoner, 26, was working on Wall Street when Marty Reasoner contacted him around 10:30 a.m., expecting it was an offer he wouldn’t refuse. “Pretty impressive turnaround. He was here in a half hour,” Marty Reasoner told the Miami Herald.

Balanced Corsi: Evaluating Who’s Best at Their Role

Some fantastic advanced stats work here from Broad Street Hockey.

Coping with the Loss of Malhotra Through Movies

Red Dawn, Lethal Weapon 3, Rocky Balboa and more. The Kurtenbloggers look for inspiration for moving on without Manny Malhotra by looking at some memorable, if not painfully cheesy, movie moments.

Habs Fan Goes Off The Deep End Over Call

ThePensblog unearths what is easily the most frightening thing you’ll listen to all day with a recording of a Montreal Canadiens fan losing his mind after a blown call in a 2009 game between Montreal and Pittsburgh.

Rinne’s Glove Robbery

Apropos of Nothing: Every Bone Break From Every Steven Seagal Movie

We’re taking liberties with this… because we can. Seagal cracking bones via FilmDrunk: