The Dump and Chase – 03/24/2011

Corey Perry Quietly Scores 40 Goals

There are just two players in the NHL that reached the 40-goal mark, Steven Stamkos and as of last night – Corey Perry. Perry became just the third player in Anaheim Ducks history (Kariya and Selanne are others) to pass the 40 goal mark by potting one in Wednesday’s 4-3 win over Dallas. The Ducks winger sits just three goals back of Stamkos and should probably be garnering a lot more attention in Hart Trophy discussion. Perry acknowledged the achievement in speaking with the O.C. Register, but emphasised his team’s goal of reaching the playoffs:

“You’re going to look back and you can say that you’re a 40-goal scorer in the National Hockey League. Right now, all I’m focusing on is going out and winning hockey games and trying to push for the playoffs.”

Most Hated NHL Players

The Hockey News’ Adam Proteau offers up a list of the NHL’s most hated players, you get one guess who cracks the top spot. Chris Pronger and Todd Bertuzzi are tied for fourth place on this list because, let’s face it, who would want to tell either of those terrifying giants that the other guys was better at something?

Time Running Out on Flames’ Playoff Chances

Wednesday’s 6-3 loss to the San Jose Sharks was a bit of an ass kicking at the hands of reality for the Calgary Flames. Although their playoff hopes aren’t dead, they’re slim. Even with a favourable schedule with six games remaining – it’s a long shot for Calgary to catapult themselves back into the top eight in the West. Flames Nation has more on last night’s drubbing and what remains for the Flames.

Cheaty Cheatersons

SBNation with an interesting statistical look at the NHL’s leaders in dirty plays and cheating. The Pittsburgh Penguins are at the top of the list of dirty penalties taken… surprise!?

More Tweaking for NHL Discipline Over the Summer

Any further changes to how the NHL approaches discipline will be on hold until the offseason, but it’s something that Gary Bettman has his sights set on. Via Chris Johnson, CP – The Globe and Mail:

Bettman didn’t outline his exact plans, but he is believed to be in favour of a tiered system with increasing fines. For example, an organization might be docked $250,000 (U.S.) once its players have totalled 10 games in suspensions over a season and then face a stiffer financial penalty at 15 games, 20 games and so on.

The commissioner is also interested in looking at penalizing other members of an offending organization.

Ducks Tie it Late, Win In Overtime