The Dump and Chase – 03/25/2011

Bruins Crush Habs in the Form of 7-0 Win, Recchi Speaks

The Montreal Canadiens had an opportunity to make a statement in Boston on Thursday, instead they showed up looking like the 1974-75 Washington Capitals and this one was over before it ever got started. Stanley Cup of Chowder has an excellent recap (SPOILER: the Bruins scored a lot) of the vicious beating (on the scoreboard) this morning as well as a collection of post-game comments from Bruins players and Hal Gill. Mark Recchi took the opportunity to clarify his comments on Max Pacioretty and the Canadiens’ medical staff:

“Well I have to be honest with you guys. I wanted to take the heat off Zee [Zdeno Chara] for a day and I’m a big boy. And I think anyone who knows me, knows that I have great respect for the Montreal organization, I played five years there. I have great respect for Doctor [David] Mulder, the medical staff there. I had a great five years there. I took the pressure off of Zee. In twenty-two years, I’ve respected all my teammates, all the players I play against. My record has shown that. For twenty-two years, I took the pressure off of Zee for one day, I’m a big boy, I can handle it. I have nothing but great things to say about the Montreal organization, I had five great years there. And it’s still an unfortunate situation it all happened. We all hope Max [Pacioretty] gets a full recovery here soon and we know he’s well on his way. And like I said, this is something that I believe in twenty-two years I’ve been very respectful to players and opponents throughout. So that should be the end of it really.”

Alain Vigneault and the Canucks Success

Pass it to Bulis with a great piece on Alain Vigneault and the Canucks:

Alain Vigneault has weathered every obstacle. He’s done it this year without playing even one game with all six of his top defensemen healthy, with his starting goaltender changing his game on the fly, with the right-winger on his top line missing the first two months of the season, with the wingers on his second line playing inconsistent hockey all year, with his entire third line disappearing for over a month, and a fourth line featuring numerous AHL callups, Euro-league transfers, and gingerbread men. In truth, the only consistency the Canucks have seen all season has been behind the bench.

DGB: A Brief History of NHL Suspensions

A hilarious take on some of the NHL’s more notable suspensions over the years from Down Goes Brown. Our favourite:

May, 1989 – Ron Hextall is suspended for 12 games after attacking Chris Chelios at the end of a playoff series. While horrified onlookers originally fear that Hextall’s vicious assault may have killed Chelios, the defenceman eventually rises to his feet, mumbles something about brains, and then slowly shuffles off to play for another 21 seasons.

Mike Komisarek Breaks Two Colorado Avalanche Players

Toronto’s resident pylon not named Brett Lebda absoultely hammers Mark Olver and then drops the gloves with Cameron Gaunce, leaving both men in a pile of their own ruins. I don’t have a problem with this hit as any contact with the head was incidental, but I will say this: when a player lines another up like that he’s ultimately making a decision to wipe his brains out.

Parents Outraged at Hockey Fights on School Trip

This will probably be the final class trip to an AHL hockey game for students in Portland, Maine as nearly 3,600 young students looked on as three fights broke out between the Portland Pirates and Worcester Sharks.

The Pirates offered an apology for the incident, although, I’m not sure what the school board was thinking sending nearly 4,000 kids to a minor league hockey game and expecting it to play out like a game of table tennis.

Hiller Struggles in Return

Jonas Hiller allowed three goals on Nashville’s first nine shots before getting the hook in favour of Dan Ellis. Not exactly the kind of outing the Ducks’ franchise goaltender was hoping for in his return from dealing with vertigo symptoms. More from the O.C. Register.

Rinne With a Pair of Huge Saves