There’s so much wrong here that it’s difficult to decide where we should begin. For starters, this song by Rebecca Black is quite possibly the beginning of the human race’s downfall. Secondly, you’ve got one Ottawa Senators fan sporting one of those awful ‘Sens’ third sweaters and his buddy is, in fact, rocking a Mike Commodore Senators jersey.

It’s not all bad, though, as these two shameless spectators put on quite the interactive dance/lip-sync performance to Ms. Black’s vomit inducing hit song “Friday”.

Talk about a timely performance, this actually took place on Friday, March 25th when the Senators blanked the Washington Capitals 2-0. As Sebastien has mentioned in the comment section, these guys work for the Senators and are regularly featured on the big screen in Scotiabank Place, which explains how well choreographed this dance number is.

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  1. Dude, this guy always does this kind of stuff on the big screen. He works for the Senators. It’s always planned and scripted.

  2. Yeah, I kind of got that impression but wasn’t aware that he was an actual plant. They should really get him a new sweater…

  3. The only thing that looks good in one of those SENS third jerseys is that blonde from the Hockey Gods video “Highly Unlikely”

  4. I know this guy, its not staged!

  5. i love your song

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