The Dump and Chase – 03/29/011

Do you remember when Todd Bertuzzi tried to kill someone? (Last Night)

Ok sure, Todd Bertuzzi wasn’t trying to murder Ryan Johnson – but he did take a chunk of Johnson’s ear off with this hit to the head on Monday:

Big Bert was given a five-minute major for elbowing and ejected following the hit in question during the first period. Will he get suspended? That’s difficult to answer, but being Todd Bertuzzi certainly doesn’t help his cause.

Charlie Sheen and Chris Pronger Together, On Facebook?

A photo of Chris Pronger rocking a Sheen-esque “#Winning” shirt appeared on the actor turned spectacle’s Facebook page over the weekend. I just threw up in my mouth a little after catching myself liking Pronger for a minute.

Duhatschek on Hamhuis and Concussions

An excellent piece from the Globe and Mail on the risk vs. reward that players who have suffered multiple concussions, like Dan Hamhuis, face when attempting to return from head injuries:

Sooner or later, the risks outweigh the rewards of playing on. It was the accumulation of multiple concussions that eventually drove the Lindros brothers, Brett and Eric, from the game; and is likely causing some of Marc Savard’s memory loss, a fact reported by over the weekend.

Now, a day after the fact, is far too soon to get an accurate read on what Hamhuis’s intentions might be. In all likelihood, his primary goal will be to recover as quickly as possible and be part of a long and fruitful playoff run with the Canucks, a serious Stanley Cup contender and the first one he’s ever played for.

Ranking Selanne Among the Best 40-Year Olds in Sports

After turning in a 5-point game, including a hat trick, the O.C. Register wonders aloud if Teemu Selanne is the best 40-year old in sports. The scary thing is that he’s probably not even the best 40-year old in his own sport (looks to Nicklas Lidstrom).

Lidstrom’s Milestone

Detroit Nicklas Lidstrom became the first 40-year old defenceman to score 60-points in an NHL season.