Prepare for hysteria as Rob Rossi reports that Sidney Crosby has been cleared by team doctors to return to practice with his teammates and will travel with the club to Florida for two games. This doesn’t mean that Crosby is ready to return to the Penguins line up, but it’s good news and the first step in returning to NHL action.

Now we must prepare for the bevy of questions that will be bandied about, such as:

‘When will Sid play?’

‘Will he be the same player before he was before the concussion?’

‘Is 3 or 4 games enough for him to put up 40+ points and recapture the NHL scoring lead?’

‘Will Crosby immediately trounce Matt Niskanen upon returning to practice?’

…We could go on. The Penguins play in Tampa on Thursday and square off against the Panthers on Saturday before returning home to face the Devils next Tuesday. More on Crosby’s status as it’s available.