When you’re in the business of developing original video content, there’s bound to be some repetition of themes at some point. For the Boston Bruins creative marketing team, the bathroom at the TD Garden has become the de facto setting for their series of “Bruins Hockey Rules” bear commercials.

Not that we’re complaining, these clever spots are rivaled only by the San Jose Sharks in terms of hilarity. The latest installment has the bear ‘taking care of business’ and in the process, raising some questions for a couple of gentlemen sharing the facilities.

Days of Y’Orr were quick on the case and have turned up more questions than answers in this new commercial from the Bruins. Is that a puddle of urine that the bear walks through?

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  1. My first thought at the picture was turning around, seeing a bear just standing there all creepily, and immediately just walking away as if nothing happened. My second thought, from the video, was seeing the mascot come out of the bathroom stall and not washing his hands.

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