NHL players are better athletes than we can ever dream of being.  That’s why they go out and routinely make amazing things look ordinary while we sit on the couch with a pizza and watch them.  That’s also why we enjoy laughing at them when they do screw up.  They’re usually so good that minor mistakes stand out and laughing at their little flaws makes us feel better about ourselves.

For some reason it’s especially funny when an NHL goaltender looks ridiculous.  Maybe it’s because they’re usually such dynamic, flexible and athletic players or perhaps it has something to do with the giant marshmallow pads they wear, we’re not sure.  Whatever it is, we love when goaltenders look silly.

So, in celebration of April Fools’ Day, we present five NHL goalies looking foolish.

Oh Vesa Toskala, you gave so much to Toronto media and bloggers.  We probably could have filled this entire post with Toskala clips and no one would have complained.  We’re not sure what’s worse here, that Toskala let in a puck that was shot from 197 feet away, or that he did so against the Islanders.  Watching the puck bounce in the replay, it’s actually easy to see how it slipped past Toskala, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

While we’re on the subject of goals being scored from a far distance, we come to Antero Niittymaki.   This was Max Talbot’s first NHL goal.  Talbot would go on to score two goals in game seven of the Stanley Cup Final, wear a funny sweater at Christmas on HBO’s 24/7 and…

Okay, maybe we should file this one under “goaltenders looking awesome” instead.  This would have been a great play except that Roy apparently wasn’t aware that goaltenders are prohibited from carrying the puck over the red line.  Getting a penalty for hot dogging (essentially) puts Roy on this list.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s first appearance in the Stanley Cup Final wasn’t a memorable one as he fell down the second he stepped onto the ice.  Things didn’t get much better for Fleury as the Penguins lost the game 4-0 and they eventually lost the Stanley Cup.

Yes, it’s never funny when someone gets hurt, but Vokoun wasn’t hurt seriously here so it’s okay to laugh.  Keith Ballard was upset after Ilya Kovalchuk scored against the Florida Panthers so he went to smash his stick on the net.  Unfortunately for Vokoun, Ballard hit his own goaltender in the head instead.  Vokoun was cut on the play and he left the game, but otherwise he was fine.

Happy April Fools Day!