Recently, MLSE announced that the Toronto Maple Leafs were searching for ways to appeal to an even younger audience. A team of hip marketing “experts” have readied a presentation with hopes of impressing Brian Burke. Naturally, their effort uses the only known effective communication tool for youth: Auto-Tune.

That covert son of a gun Down Goes Brown managed to sneak his hidden cameras into this meeting. Let’s just say that Friday and Reimer happen to have two syllables each, now picture Joe Bowen laying down some flows and I think you’ll understand where this is going.

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  1. hahahahahahaha…..oh dear guys.

  2. Classic! Great work once again!

  3. This is seriously the best thing ever…can’t wait for the Dave Nonis/Justin Bieber Grabo-ski music video.

  4. This is better than the original song… good work guys

  5. The sad thing is that this is a LOT catchier than the original song, largely because the lyrics actually make sense now.

  6. Bloge Salming’s voice has never sounded more beautiful.

  7. That’s my real voice too. I had my wife dropkick me in the throat repeatedly for effect.

  8. thats pretty good. lyrics make more sense than original songs.

  9. Down goes brown is the best, I am also really liking these collaborations with Bloge Salming, great name for a blog!

    Looking forward to more posts from these two guys.

  10. The sketchbook bits made me almost lose my mind giggling. I just wish I had lyrics along with the video so the song makes a bit more sense.

    Also, love the final Dave Nonis bit.

  11. Loved the Grabovski part; now we just gotta get Sergei Berezin back and play him with Michail G and maybe put Tyler on that line, as well. Mr. Burke can you hear me?

  12. Come On are you guys serious? 1.Horrible Song 2. Cheesy Video 3.Horrible Presentation

  13. Plkease, please, please do a full version of the Grabo!

  14. This is awesome!

  15. You really need to do a full version of the Grabo because I’ve been singing it all day…hahaha

  16. we need the grabo song up, its stuck in my head.

  17. Are the lyrics posted anywhere? Listening to it on infinite loop might drive me crazy before I learn the whole thing…

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