First there was that despicable brawl in a Texas High School championship game, and then a vicious stick swinging incident from a Quebec hockey league that emerged on YouTube yesterday.

Now we have this clip of from a recreational youth league in Dallas:

The video appeared on YouTube on Wednesday and was accompanied by this description from user CGOPartners:

Is it right that dark jersey #5 gets 10 minutes in the penalty box while white jersey #3 gets a trip to the emergency room? This is recreation (house) league hockey in Dallas. Is this part of the game or revenge by a sore loser in a 6-0 blowout? You make the call.

If this information is accurate then we are looking at the second incident of violence in youth hockey out of Texas in the past month. These types of ugly and unnecessary violent plays are, in fact, just the type of disgraceful plays that litter hockey at all levels in North America.

Dirty hits from behind and sword-like stick swinging incidents happen at a rate far too frequent in minor hockey, and the onus on deterring them has to be placed upon coaches and parents as much as it is the kids that are playing the game.

Hopefully the kid who took this hit was okay.

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  1. Obviously you never played th

  2. Wow, that’s a dirty hit. Match penalty. Hope the league suspended that player.

  3. That fan has it right.

    “You suck 5! You suck!”

  4. If the kid actually got hurt, and the ref called a minor and a 10 minute misconduct, the ref blew the call. A hit from behind resulting in an injury is an automatic major plus a game misconduct. USA Hockey should align themselves with Hockey Canada on this issue. Hockey Canada assesses a minor penalty plus a game misconduct for any hit from behind.

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