The Dallas Stars currently sit in 10th place with 91 points in the Western Conference. Despite sitting four points out of a playoff berth, they’re not dead… at least not yet.

The Stars have three games remaining this season while both Anaheim and Chicago, who they’re chasing in the standings, have two games left. Dallas can’t afford to lose, and considering they have two games versus the sputtering Colorado Avalanche to go and one against the struggling Minnesota – they have a realistic shot at finishing the season with 97 points.

Best case scenario for the Stars, if they can pull off wins in their final three contests, is regulation losses by the Blackhawks and Ducks in the two games each team has left. The Blackhawks have a home and home on tap with Detroit and the Ducks have a similar set of games versus the Kings coming up.

The Stars are a team that have faced adversity both on and off the ice all season long, and it almost seems fitting that they’re left to fight for survival as the season winds down.

Stars blog Defending Big D admit that chances are slim, but the few, the proud, the faithful refuse to quit on this team:

The Stars take the ice tonight facing astronomical odds at making the postseason but one thing will never change: there are still those of us that believe, those of us that have faith and will continue to fight.

While it may seem that the Dallas Stars are facing this challenge completely alone, this crucial moment with the fate of the season in the balance, the truth is that there are legions of us fans ready and willing to stand together with the team in solidarity.

Forget the lack of media coverage. Forget the fact that no one believes the Stars have a chance other then the team and its fans. The Dallas Stars may be skating onto the ice as a team with no future and no short term answers for what is going to happen this summer, but they won’t be as alone as it seems. It is true that there is no owner and no money to spend on the team yet Stars fans from all over the area should be in attendance, providing the energy and fight that is so desperately needed at times like these.

The reality of the situation is that the Stars are a long shot to make it. Even if Dallas wins its final three games and Anaheim drops one of their final two contests, their advantage in the regulation win column over Dallas would allow their 97-points to trump Dallas’. The Stars stand a chance at tying Chicago’s regulation win total of 37, but would require Chicago to either lose two versus Detroit or win via shootout or overtime on their march towards 97 points. Put simply, Dallas NEED to win and just hope for the best.

Stars fans should get ready for some stressful scoreboard watching in the days ahead.