The Dump and Chase – 04/07/2011

Goal Controversy in Chicago

The Chicago Blackhawks were down 2-0 when Marian Hossa booted the puck toward the goal. The biscuit then banked off of both posts before disappearing under Ty Conklin’s glove. This is what we know: 1) Hossa clearly kicked the puck and 2) It’s impossible to tell if this puck completely crosses the line. Normally, a distinct kicking motion and/or doubt that the puck crossed the line would be enough to call a goal back. That would not be the case on this one.

Hossa was awarded a goal on the play, presumably because the war room determined that Hossa connected on desperate whack at the puck with his stick and there was enough conclusive evidence to say the puck crossed the line. You let us know when you too can confirm this, please. Chicago would complete the comeback in overtime, thus saving their season in the process.

The incident had some screaming ‘conspiracy!’, and Blues goaltender Ty Conklin ostensibly echoed that sentiment. Here’s the play in question in its entirety, complete with a 5+ minute video review delay:

Corey Perry Hits 50-Goals

As the legend of Corey Perry proliferates before our eyes, so too do the Ducks winger’s chances at taking home multiple pieces of hardware at the NHL awards. Personally, I’ve declared Daniel Sedin as the player most deserving of the Hart Trophy… watching what Corey Perry has accomplished over the last month has me rethinking that stance.

Malhotra Releases Statement

Via Canucks official site:

The past three weeks have been a very emotional time for myself and my family. I owe a great deal of thanks to a number of people. First and foremost my wife Joann who has been a pillar of strength for me and kept me focused on the best possible outcome at all times. Thank you to my teammates, coaches and training staff, your care and concern has meant a great deal to me. The Aquilini family, Mike Gillis and Laurence Gilman have made my recovery a priority; I have received the best possible medical care throughout this entire process. It is truly a blessing to be part of an organization with such quality, caring people and I can’t thank them enough.
The NHL is a tight-knit community. I would like to thank all the players, coaches and GM’s around the league, some I’ve never even had the chance to meet, who extended their regards and best wishes for a speedy recovery. My most heartfelt and sincere thank you to all of the incredible fans in Vancouver and around the league for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Your messages were a daily reminder of what a privilege it is to play for you.

I will forever be grateful to the incredible group of surgeons both in Vancouver and New York who performed two successful surgeries, to restore the vision in my eye. Although there is a lot of recovery and healing to take place, I am very optimistic for a good outcome. Thank you to my agent and good friend Paul Krepelka for being with me through surgery and recovery in New York. Your friendship over the years has been invaluable.

My family and I are very grateful for the patience, concern and privacy we’ve been shown by the media and thank you for your continued support.

Gauging Draft Prospects

The Copper and Blue take a look at 2011 draft hopefuls in an attempt to determine the best player available.

Parise Done For Season

Zach Parise’s effort to return to NHL action late in the season was admirable, but the Devils did the right thing in shutting him down. Now the focus is getting a new deal in place before the RFA-to be can field offer sheets from other clubs on July 1.

Flames Extinguished

Despite the disappointment of failing to reach the postseason, Flames head coach Brent Sutter stressed the positives of this season following his team’s elimination from the race, via Calgary Herald:

“For me, I’m still proud of the way the guys have dug their heels in the last half of the year. Again it shows the importance that you have to play a certain way to allow yourself to have success and be committed to it.”

Avery Being Avery, In Practice

I’m sure this is exactly what John Tortorella likes to see with the Rangers’ season on the line.