Bryan Murray will be back in Ottawa next season as general manager of the Senators. Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun reported that Murray accepted a three-year contract extension to remain in his position.

It may come as a surprise to some, but according to owner Eugene Melnyk’s comments it sounds like Murray’s job was never in doubt:

“We’re looking forward to implementing his vision for the team, which is to bring it back to elite status. I think we’re getting there.
We’ve talked about it for a long time. This is not something that was done on a fly.”

The Senators struggled mightily this season, but Murray’s jockeying at the trade deadline appears to have given his team a spark – and in the process help secure his job.

Murray moved veterans Mike Fisher, Alexei Kovalev, Jarkko Ruutu, and Chris Kelly leading up to the deadline while acquiring picks and a goaltender in Craig Anderson in exchange for Brian Elliott.

Murray was excited about the deal, obviously:

“I’m very happy and excited. I want to thank Eugene for having the confidence and faith that what we’re doing now is the right path. We will try to continue the growth of this hockey team … the desire here is obviously to be a good team, to be a team with a chance to win at the end of every year. We’ve got a little ways to go, we know that. But I think the start has been a good one, and as we go forward we want to build on that.”

With Murray’s job safe, will Cory Clouston take the fall in Ottawa? Word on his future could come sooner than later.

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  1. Being from Ottawa, and a very big fan of the team.. I don’t know what to think about this development. I personally wanted to see someone new come in and handle the rebuild. I would hugely appreciate an article similar to the Darryl Sutter multi-part articles. Most importantly, what do YOU guys think of this and what should one expect in the next few years in Ottawa. Thanks

  2. Both Murray and Clouston, for whatever it’s worth, should have been replaced at the end of this season. Some of the reaction, however, to his staying has been over-the-top and even cartoonish. I thought some of his free agent signings were goofy, and definitely there were a few that turned out all wrong, but the guy hasn’t destroyed the Senators, and he can still be fired at any time.

  3. OK so…re-signing Bryan Murray is an extremely smart move, and I will explain why. When Murray was signed on as a coach he brought them to the finals, the next year he was GM. The reason he signed the likes of Gonchar, Kovalev, Fisher, Kelly, etc. is the fact he was not trying to rebuild the team from scratch. Working with what he had was not a great approach since he was working with Muckler’s team. Now that he has 3 years to rebuild a terrific club with huge prospects. Butler, De Costa, Hale, Cowen, Karlesson, Shannon the list goes on and on. Signing a solid goalie like Anderson and having a prospect goalie Lehner as a back up. The depth that Ottawa will have come next year will be phenomenal. It might be that Ottawa will not make the playoffs next year but expect a similar showing as the like of Toronto this year. To top it all off Character players within the organization will be instrumental to the development of the team. Spezza, Neil, Alfredsson, all these players have Stanley Cup experience and will motivate the prospects. The snake in the grass for Ottawa will be a top five pick ready to play next year. That just might give Ottawa a top 6 forward they are dying to get a hold of to play with Alfie and Spezza or Butler. Future is bright in the Capital City.

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