A bit of pot vs. kettle here as Jason Spezza ostensibly calls out his former coach Cory Clouston for his ability to communicate. Clouston was ousted as coach of the Ottawa Senators on Saturday, one day after the club announced a contract extension for general manager Bryan Murray. There’s lots of blame to spread around the Senators organization for their disappointing season, but if what Spezza has to say in this clip has any weight to it then Clouston must have lost that room quite some time ago.

Spezza’s wouldn’t make much of a candidate for master of ceremonies, but his words and this brief clip do raise a few of questions: 1) Why was Clouston afforded the entire season if he had lost the trust of his team? 2) was there something to that rumour earlier this season that Murray wanted to can Clouston and was blocked by ownership? 3) Is that microphone on a hockey stick not one of the most Canadian things you’ve ever seen?