Planning Your Playoff Party

Excited about the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  Looking forward to watching some great hockey, cheering for your favourite players and enjoying the company of your best hockey-watching friends?  Of course you are!  But as fun as playoff parties are, they take some planning if you want to do them right.  Otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of unhappy people who can’t wait to leave, kind of like the Edmonton Oilers.

The most important aspects of a good party are the food and the atmosphere.  You can have the greatest event in the world with the coolest people in attendance, but if you’re planning on starving in a dark room, you won’t attract too many people, other than Matt Cooke.  He likes to watch suffering.

What kind of food should you serve?  What should the decorations be?  That depends on the type of hockey fan you are.

First we’re going to start with the food and drink selection for the party.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • “The Washington Capital Platter”: A selection of dry crackers and cheese.  Use expensive cheese that will make everyone think the snack is going to be really good, until they realize that the crackers will certainly crumble under even the slightest pressure.
  • “The Red Wing”: A lot of red wine served in several cups.  Not only will you be able to make “Red Whine” jokes all night, but you can also spend some time talking about how the drink is “well-aged.”
  • “The Celebrating Habs Fan”: Any sort of flambé which is, after all, “a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames.”
  • “The Sidney Crosby”: 87 beers.  After drinking this much, your head will feel really dizzy and you’ll probably black out.
  • “The Rangers Playoff Appearance”: It doesn’t matter what you serve, just make sure that you stumble around when you deliver it and barely place it on the table so that it will be easily knocked off.
  • “The Vancouver Canuck”: Chicago-style pizza, just to be a jerk.

Now that you’ve got your food choices out of the way, it’s time to set up the atmosphere.  Yes, the television is the key to this, but we assume that you already have a TV.  Why would you be planning a playoff party if you were planning on huddling near an old radio like it’s 1932?

An exciting, fun atmosphere is the difference between a great time and Nassau Coliseum.

Your music selection is key.  Finding traditional hockey songs likely won’t be difficult.  ”We Will Rock You,” Kernkraft 4000,” “The Hockey Song,” “Fifty Mission Cap,” “Get Ready For This,” “Rock and Roll Part 2″ and many others are great choices.  Avoid playing “Chelsea Dagger” unless you want any Canuck fans at the party to have nervous breakdowns.

You may also want to try to find songs that suit particular NHL teams.  For example, you could play “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” for the Bruins, “Theme from New York, New York” for the Rangers, “Black and Yellow” for the Penguins and “Closing Time” for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Now that you’ve got your party all planned, invite your guests and enjoy the fun!