Sure, the playoffs aren’t even a week old yet, and we’ve only seen the soul of one city thoroughly and utterly crushed (sorry, Chicago). Even Boston still has hope.

But five days is a long time in the life of a playoff beard. That tangled mess of hair gradually grows to engulf the chin, cheek, and sometimes the entire lower region of the face. There are many varying styles, from the full-frontal to the handle bars, and each growing mound has its own personality.

Some of these playoff beards might not be around for much longer, so let’s cherish them while we still can. Each week we’ll sift through the gluttony of facial hair profiles provided by Getty Images to give you a handful of the league’s best unshaven efforts.

This week we begin with two pre-existing beards that have been quickly enhanced at the start of the second season, and a newly acquired stache that was responsible for the game-winning goal Sunday against Washington.

Brandon Dubinsky

April 17 - March 31

Dubinsky is easily the winner of the opening week, proudly embracing the nose-tickler instead of the standard full beard. The growth was quick too, as Dubinsky needed only 18 days to unleash his inner Super Mario.

Shea Weber

April 13 - Mar 6

We have to go a little bit further back to get the true view of Weber’s progress. The Predators defenceman was already sporting a spotty, loosely maintained growth, but since he discarded his blades Weber has gone from a bad case of wimpy-hair syndrome to the bold, black beast.

Pavel Datsyuk

April 16 - March 17

Another pre-playoff beard that has filled out nicely, Datsyuk previously had a thin and conservative look. Now, his prickly exterior has gone along for the ride during Detroit’s two wins to open their series against Phoenix. Datsyuk has led the way with two goals and five points.