We’re suckers for the way hockey is produced, both on television and in the arena.  Great production values and entertaining, emotional videos can add a lot to the game.  Boring or poorly done videos can take so much away and make the quest for the Stanley Cup seem unimportant.

A good hype video gets the fans pumped up and ready for the game.  It makes the arena loud and intimidating.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the playoff hype videos that teams play in their home arenas before the game.

Note that each NHL team organizes their website a bit differently, so if a certain video isn’t here it’s because we weren’t able to find it.

We’ll start in Vancouver where the Canucks do an excellent job conveying how much the Stanley Cup means to the team and the fans.  There’s some great imagery here and the team even produces a new video after each game with highlights from the previous contest.  This is the “Game Four” version.  It’s a little strange than an arena hype video is made for the games that were played in Chicago, but the video is still excellent.

The Canucks’ first-round opponents also know how to hype up the crowd.  We like the inclusion of “Chelsea Dagger” in this video.  The team skating through the city is a little cheesy, but the Hawks have done this for a while now so it’s sort of a “tradition” for them.  Plus, they get to blow up anonymous members of the Canucks with body checks in this version, which is an added bonus.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have famed broadcaster Mike Lange narrate their video, which focuses on the Pens’ history and the team working together to succeed.  The music playing is also the Nexus’ theme song in the WWE.  Don’t ask why we know that.  The “We Are One” message works well for a team that is missing its two huge superstars.

The Detroit Red Wings have qualified for the playoffs for the last 20 seasons and they’re certainly celebrating their history in this video.  The clips of their recent Cup victories is a nice touch and it ties the team’s legacy together.

The Philadelphia Flyers manage to capture the hate that everyone has for the Philadelphia Flyers and their fans with this video.  We imagine that this video really gets the people in the arena riled up and ready to cheer.  It also presents the Flyers as a united force, which is a good playoff message, and an “us versus them” mentality as well.

We don’t think this is actually the Sabres playoff hype video, but we like it anyway.  It’s short, but it gets to the point and it’s inspirational.

Okay, this isn’t a hype video either, but we like the bear.