Week 2 playoff beard update

Saturday we sadly witnessed the demise of perhaps the best piece of throwback playoff facial hair in years. You see, the term “playoff beard” is just a title. Any facial hair qualifies as long as it’s not shaved in any fashion throughout the duration of the playoffs. Brandon Dubinsky’s homage to the peak of 1970′s porn was given top billing in our Week 1 playoff beard update. Dubinsky scored two goals and three points over the Rangers’ five playoff games, and his stache will be missed.

This week we’ll wave goodbye to another playoff beard that made remarkable progress despite its short stay in the post-season, while also highlighting a few others who won’t be winning any prizes for their growth, but we still hand out participation ribbons.

Adrian Aucoin

April 13 - March 24

Much like the tragic and sudden disappearance of Dubinsky’s vintage lip-warmer, we sadly lost Adrian Aucoin’s quick growth far too soon when the Coyotes were swept by the Red Wings. Aucoin’s veteran growing experience will be beneficial for next year though, because the ability to rapidly sprout facial hair is a vital survival technique in frosty Winnipeg.

Tim Connolly

April 18 - March 14

Put your face a few inches closer to your screen, and you’ll see Tim Conolly’s effort. Playoff beards come in all forms, and Connolly seems to have started his when the Sabres’ playoffs truly began a few months ago. It’s sparse, but it’s there, and it’s the spirit of the hair and not it’s girth that matters to the beating heart of the playoff team.

Danny Briere

April 20 - March 24

Danny Briere shows us that the size of the facial hair is not determined by the size of the man (5’9″).

Tomas Kaberle

April. 21 - March. 22

After consulting with Herkes and Lewis, we’re not even sure if Tomas Kaberle is making any attempt at all to follow hockey protocol and abandon his shaver. Maybe he was falsely informed that a player can only discard his shaving kit once he’s tallied a playoff point. If someone did indeed play a cruel joke on poor Tomas, then he’s only been growing this grade eight scruff since last Thursday.

But similar to Connolly, it’s the effort that counts, I guess.

Weekly Shea Weber update

April. 24 - April 16

While we lament the loss of Dubinsky’s mustache and Aucoin’s solid veteran beard leadership, somewhere deep down we were all pulling for the Predators to finish off the Ducks last night. Thankfully they did, and as long as Shea Weber–the grizzly blueliner who’s getting grizzlier by the day–is still in the playoffs, you can expect a time stamp on his progress every week in this space.