You think this is scary? This Gerry Cheevers wannabe has nothing on the jacked-up shirtless eight year olds roaming the seats in Boston.

The rioters can’t be stopped, you can only hope to contain them

Win or lose, there will be fans spilling out from pubs in Montreal tonight draped in the blue, blanc et rouge, and filled with an emotion of some kind. Remember the last time the Bruins and Habs took a series to a seventh game and Montreal triumphantly prevailed? Yeah, that went well down on Ste-Catherine Street.

Police are trying the tactic of fencing off a “festive zone” this time around, with a section of St-Catherine Street closed starting at 8 p.m. ET.

Lucic will be playing, not watching

It shouldn’t be shocking that Milan Lucic isn’t receiving any supplemental discipline for planting the forehead of Jaroslav Spacek into the glass last night. It’s true that the Wheel of Justice hasn’t been properly calibrated since its invention, but realistically it would take a Marty McSorley-esque axe swing at someone’s head to suspend anyone for a Game 7.

We’re not saying that’s right, but that’s just the NHL we know and love.

Habs likely to remained depleted on the back end

And that’s nothing new for a team that’s played nearly the entire season without Josh Gorges and Andrei Markov. Regardless, missing key bodies on the blueline clearly isn’t ideal heading into a Game 7, and James Wisniewski is still a gametime decision for the Habs tonight, according to CJAD’s Rick Moffat.

Moffat also reports that speedy forward David Desharnais may have suffered ligament damage during Game 5. The Canadiens are remaining silent on rumours that he’ll be out for up to four weeks and could only play again this season if the Habs advance to the Stanley Cup final.

The pain of Pittsburgh’s powerplay

Piecing together any shred of a powerplay is a must for Pittsburgh if the Penguins hope to avoid an early exit tonight in their Game 7 against Tampa Bay. In the 30 chances they’ve been given throughout the series, Pittsburgh has scored just once. That’s not necessarily a shocking nosedive given the injuries to the Pittsburgh offence–we hear those Crosby and Malkin guys are pretty good–and the unit’s 25th overall ranking in the regular season.

But it’s still a trend that needs to change in a hurry. Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tells us that history doesn’t favour teams with putrid powerplays in the playoffs.

Since 1990, only one NHL team (the 2003 Anaheim Mighty Ducks, which included player Dan Bylsma) has won a playoff series without scoring a power-play goal, and only four others have won a series by scoring on the man-advantage once.

Bob Cole covers all the bases

We move from looking ahead to tonight’s games to a brief look back at last night and the hilarity provided by the mind of CBC’s Bob Cole. For the record, Cole is a legend and a broadcasting institution amongst puckheads north of the border. His voice has been a staple of Saturday nights in the fall, winter, and spring, and sometimes even the early summer (have we talked about shortening the NHL season yet?).

But Cole’s glory days are fading in the rear-view mirror, leaving him prone to moments of spontaneous confusion. Now, I don’t mean just simple stuttering, stammering, or fumbling words. Even the most experienced broadcasters are prone to the odd tongue-tied moment. No, I’m talking about the nonsensical speech and descriptions that are now known as Cole-isms. During the second period chaos of last night’s Bruins/Habs game, we heard the latest when Cole enthusiastically proclaimed that “everything is happening!”

Two years ago, Cole’s wandering analysis during the playoffs led to an insult being hurled at an innocent goaltender…

But it’s just not right to be mean to the elderly. We don’t have many principles here at HOTH, but that’s one of them. So here’s over seven minutes of the Bob Cole we’ll always remember.