In an effort to show his French teammates what he’s learned in four NHL games, Stephane Da Costa of the Ottawa Senators smacked a Denmark skater with a careless hit from behind during a ‘friendly’ contest. The officials trying to break up the post-hit skirmish and Da Costa’s declaration of “I’ll fu*k you up” are the real gems here.

The hit has a bit of a Jarret Stoll on Ian White feel from Game 1 between San Jose and L.A. to it, albeit along the sideboards instead of behind the net.

Stupid, but not malicious on the part of Da Costa. That’s some NHL quality boarding right there, though.

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    Apparently European referees are just drunk girls during bar fights.

  2. And then start fighting themselves…Or maybe I’m just going to the wrong bars.

  3. That is a class act of showing he is tough enough for the NHL haha and the comments above are possibly the funniest thing I have ever read.

  4. well, kids got some balls…. a little overboard, but he will learn…. I hope…

  5. [...] fights off a faceoff are rare sight in international hockey. To hell with headshots in the NHL, the rapid rise of fighting in international play is reaching epidemic levels!This probably started after a Ukrainian player quipped something along [...]

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