We know you’re still in the throes of depression out there in Montreal and Pittsburgh, but try to muster some ambition and take advantage of the merchandise deals offered by your local retailers. The day after your team is eliminated is like the day after Christmas. All the best items are available at steep discounts, but you’re held back by both your depression, and the fact that you won’t use the newly purchased gems for months.

All eyes on…Shane O’Brien?

So while you were thinking about the marquee matchups in the Canucks/Predators series set to start tonight, I bet you pondered how Pekka Rinne will fare against the Sedins, or if Mike Fisher can keep up his playoff scoring pace while being dogged by Selke nominee Ryan Kesler.

How dare you gloss over Shane O’Brien! That’s right, the former Canucks defenceman known more for his battle with the dangerous Roxy flu than his play on the ice wants you to know that he’ll be a force in this series. He told the Tennessean that it’d be fun to knock his former teammates out of the playoffs.

“Obviously I want to knock them out here. If it was Vancouver or Detroit, you want to knock them out. I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to knock them out a little bit more. Obviously I do.”

Short rest? forgetaboutit

The Canucks are only two days removed from the conclusion of a highly energized and emotional battle with Chicago that went to overtime in Game 7. Mind reading is a game we don’t want any part of around here, so we won’t attempt to forecast the mental fatigue endured by the Canucks and how it could carry over. But the physical toll is there in front of the naked eye, and there was no shortage of physicality during the tense moments against Chicago.

Daniel Sedin told the Vancouver Sun that the Canucks are feeling fresh and ready, while O’Brien started some light verbal jabbing with Kevin Bieksa, whose nickname is apparently “juice.” We’re sure there’s a comical explanation for that playful little moniker, and we’re sure it doesn’t involve any illegal substance.

Trash talk is fun, but the real action will be in the luxury boxes

That’s because there’s a celebrity fan battle brewing between Predators fight lover Carrie Underwood, and Canucks fanboy Michael Buble, who’s usually quite gracious in defeat. The tale of the tape gives Underwood the edge.

Dan Hamhuis is a pretty popular guy with the Canucks’ coaching staff

No, that’s not because he’s a perpetual brown-noser. Hamhuis spent six seasons with the Preds before moving to the left coast as a free agent last summer. Unfortunately, he couldn’t direct his teammates towards a hole in Rinne’s game.

“I never found any [cracks] in practice. He’s a great goalie, tall and lanky like Roberto Luongo and extremely athletic. He’s been playing extremely well for them all season so you do what you do with most goalies, and that’s make it difficult with traffic and getting tips and rebounds.”

The Habs lost in dramatic, heart-breaking fashion, yet the city of Montreal is still standing

We conclude with a look back on Game 7 between the Habs and Bruins that was either crushing or exhilarating, depending on what jersey you drenched in beer/ripped to pieces last night.

The important thing is that the people of Montreal stayed safe, and that no one obtained free alcohol by climbing through broken windows.