Nothing says classic 80s hockey quite like a wooden Titan hockey stick. This Titan poster from 1982-83 featuring Mike Bossy and Wayne Gretzky and accompanying brochure turned up on eBay, and would look great pinned on a fake wood paneling wall in any hockey fan’s basement.

Gretzky and Bossy’s teams are not represented here, but the NHLPA was at the height of the Alan Eagleson era in the early 80s so it’s entirely possible that he had embezzled whatever kickback the NHL would have received from Titan anyway. The absence of any Oilers or Islanders reference actually enhances this poster’s awesomeness, in my humble opinion. The red vs. white Titan theme gives the poster an Atari hockey game feel.

The brochure is a real gem, too. As though Titan felt it was a necessary to stipulate that all sticks were availabe as both right and left handed models.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, it’s noted that Bossy and Gretzky approve of these twigs.