The Dump and Chase – 04/29/2011

V for Vancouver

The Vancouver Canucks flip-flopped their way to victory behind a single goal from Chris Higgins last evening in what was quite possibly the single most boring sampling of playoff hockey we’ve seen thus far in 2011.

Bruins sore winners?

Even after emerging as the winner of the series, Tim Thomas took the opportunity to sound off on some of the actions of the Montreal Canadiens on Boston radio. Via Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette, Thomas on P.K. Subban’s ‘embellishment’:

“I had respect for the Canadiens and the way they played that series and the way they battled,” he began. “But to be completely honest, I don’t have respect for actions like that.

“That’s a travesty to the game. It’s not the way the game is supposed to be played. . It can be infuriating, you know?

“If anything, it seems that the refs let him get away with more. Which I’m very surprised at because he’s making the refs look not good on a regular basis. He’s got enough talent and he’s a good enough player that there’s no need for stuff like that.”

Best goals of the first round

Ryan Miller had concussion late in the season

Buffalo’s Ryan Miller admitted that it was indeed a concussion that sidelined him towards the end of the season.

Glendale owes NHL $25 million, have until Monday to pay up

Via The Arizona Republic:

Glendale has until Monday to pay $25 million to the National Hockey League to cover this season’s Phoenix Coyotes losses, according to a bill sent to the city Tuesday.

The documents, sent a week after the team finished its season in the playoffs, show that actual losses for eight months ending in March totaled $36.6 million.

Must read: Days of Y’Orr Montreal Canadiens ‘eulogy’

Our good friends at Days of Y’Orr stepped up to bat for Puck Daddy’s ‘Eulogy’ series, taking on the Montreal Canadiens, and effectively hit a home run. Any non Habs fan should find some humour in this, unless of course you’re a humourless troll. Here’s a sampling:

To Montreal’s credit they tried their best. They won Oscars nominations for their embellishments and spent so much time sprawled on the ice that the Boston and Montreal Ice Crews had little work to do between TV timeouts. Pernell Karl Subban cross checked and ran, ran, ran as fast as Subban can, anytime any Bruin looked in his direction. Carey Price went down easier than the Hindenberg any time a Bruins skated within 20 feet of him.
The Bruins spotted the Habs two games out of love and respect for their long rivalry. While the Bruins scratched and clawed for victories Montreal dove and whined. Now instead of celebrating a first round win and setting the streets of Montreal ablaze, Canadiens tears and bitterness flood the streets while they call into Montreal talk radio shows and reminisce about guys like George Hainsworth and others they just read about on Wikipedia.


Comments (5)

  1. Haha, choice Nirvana reference!

  2. What a piece of crap!!!

    And you guys publish it? you’re not better.

    Bruins players, fans, organisation just prove to the entire hockey world that they are sore winners. Instead of being a class act, Thomas went on the same road travelled by Mike Richards ans co….

    Subban is a star in the making. I think that just the way he bounce back this year after the non-respect bashing from Richards and Cherry the clown proves that he has a thick carapace. He’s exactly the kind of player that the Habs where looking for. By doing so, he also help Carey Price by taking some weight of his shoulder…and at only 21 years old.

    For all you Anti-Ch out there….you let guys like Cherry and Richards put words in your mouth and you roll the tide created by these 2 idiots.

    Day’s of Yoor or whatever…. they only see what they want. I saw an oscar winning dive by non other then Chara himself on game 7 to draw a penalty. He was in the corner and Lars eller came with a small push in the back and the 6’9 , 265 pound behemoth went down…like a guy that weight 190 pound can do someting like that…we should call him super Eller then. That was embellishment. Marc Savard is one of the best divers in the game…guess the nice people at Days of Y’orr forgot that as well.

    If there is something worst then sour loser, it’s guys like Thomas and Bruins fans like the turkey’s at days of Y’orr.

    Bruins will choke again this year as they always do…..

    Bruins are running they’re mouth ouf after eliminating a depleted Habs lineup in a seventh game, in OT..that is just so bad. They scratch and claws the wins…I agree, 3 of the 4 wins where in overtime…wow, Bruins fans be proud……not.

  3. I wasn’t aware that linking to something was considered the same as publishing it.

  4. I’m a die-hard Habs fan, but Jesus H Price, have a sense of humour!

  5. Habs fans and Bruins fans disagreeing on something!? I’m shocked. Completely shocked.

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