Chris Kelly, caged point producer

Of all the additions that Peter Chiarelli made to the Boston Bruins leading up to the trade deadline, former Ottawa Senator Chris Kelly was probably the most unlikely candidate to be leading the pack in post-season scoring. It’s a small sample size, but through the Bruins’ first nine games of the playoffs, Chris Kelly has amassed 4-goals and 3-assists. Kelly has notched all but one playoff point while wearing a full cage, which he has sported since Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals versus Montreal.

Kelly was driven into the Canadiens’ net by Scott Gomez in Game 3 of the first round, luckily avoiding any serious damage like a facial fracture. Gomez was assessed an interference call on the play, and Kelly was left with quite the shiner over his right eye.

The 30-year old forward was right back in the lineup for Game 4, albeit with a full cage in place of his usual visor.

Despite producing at a point per game pace while rocking the minor hockey look, Kelly is eager to get the go ahead to remove the cage. In speaking with in Boston, Kelly said he’s only going to wear the cage as long as he’s required to:

“The face is fine. I’m not sure how long, but obviously I’ll go on what the trainer suggests and kind of go forward from there.”

Hockey players tend to be a superstitious lot, but Kelly won’t hold on to his extra protection in the name of the mythos:

“I’m not a superstitious person,” he said with a smile. “Not by that extreme.”

Kelly could be dropping the cage any day now, let’s see if he manages to hang on to that newfound scoring touch.