The Dump and Chase – 05/03/2011

Krejci’s ghost-winner gives Bruins 2-0 series lead

How the official missed this one is baffling. Krejci, Horton, and Lucic all started to celebrate before the goal was waived off. Krejci second guessed himself, but he was right all along.

Via Bruins Blog:

“I know at first I thought it was in because I saw Hortie and Luch raise their hands,” Krejci said. “So I did the same thing but then they kept playing so I’m like, you know I’m not sure, just make sure I keep playing until the whistle, and see how it goes.”

God Bless America?

Caps pull the old switcheroo with Ovechkin’s post-game quotes?

Interesting stuff here from Bolts Report (via KuklasKorner):

Here is what Ovechkin said [following Game 2]: ““We’re going there, and we’re going to win two games,’’ Washington captain Alex Ovechkin said. “It’s going to be hard, but right now in this situation, we have to win.’’

On the quote sheet provided by the Capitals, here is how they quoted Ovechkin: “Well, the series is not over. We’re going to go there and going to have to win two games and it’s going to be hard. We have to win.”

Do you see the difference?

Down Goes Brown: Team Canada application form for World Championship

Predictably hilarious stuff from DGB:

Please describe why you are currently available to play in this tournament instead of competing in the second round of the NHL playoffs.
( ) Team employed Brian Elliott at some point during the season.
( ) Lazy hometown fans failed to show support by throwing seafood at us.
( ) Despite playing in the league’s biggest market, my NHL team never makes the playoffs thanks to an overrated front office staff that has no idea how to – wait, Dave Nonis going isn’t going to actually read these, is he?
( ) Am Rick Nash; did not realize NHL playoffs had a second round

Atlanta Thrasers’ price tag reportedly $110 million

The Sporting News reports that the Atlanta Thrashers can reportedly be had for about $900 million less than the Toronto Maple Leafs. As a bonus, they come with a strong first half and an equal number of overpriced defencemen.

Danton says father was murder target

Either I have powers like Cate Blanchett in The Gift or this is just old news, but Mike Danton told ESPN (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch) that the target of his murder-for-hire was actually his own father:

Former Blues center Mike Danton’s bizarre saga, in which he served time in a murder-for-hire plot in 2004, is about to take a new twist. He says in an interview set to air tonight on ESPN that his target was not the one alleged by the FBI.

Danton spent almost five years in jail for a failed scheme in which the FBI said the intended victim was David Frost, who had been Danton’s agent, former coach and surrogate father. But Danton says on the “E:60″ program that the man he wanted killed was his father, Steve Jefferson — whom Danton says was abusive when Danton was young.

Mike Richards protects his neck, Adam McQuaid bends his the wrong way

McQuaid is doing alright.