The Bruins had another triumphant victory for America last night, beating the Flyers 3-2 in overtime to take both games in Philadelphia. They’ll now head home Wednesday night with a commanding two-game lead.

Yes, they’re playing for America, or at least they are if you follow the creepy patriotic gospel of Bruins announcer Jack Edwards, who makes even the most homery of all homers look unbiased and perfectly even-minded. You probably remember that after the dust settled following the Bruins’ dramatic Game 7 overtime win that ousted the Habs, Edwards decided that the occasion called for an American history analogy.

Digging deep into his bag of insane man rhetoric, Edwards compared Boston’s win over their bitter rivals from Quebec to the events of the Boston Tea Party. At first we all thought this was weird, and then we realized it was just Jack Edwards being Jack Edwards, the man who’s made a living out of random historical references, and telling opposing players to stop diving.

Via Andrew Stoeten of’s Buzz section, this is how Edwards’ editorial was meant to be seen.

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  1. Haha this is amazing

  2. hehe, this is pretty awesome… Edwards is a complete idiot, but that’s not the sad part… the sad part is he seems to find some success with at least some Bruins fans… sigh

  3. Pretty awesome, eh?!? When you’ve got a boob like Bob Cole crying out for the Canadiens to “tie up the game”!

    As if the Montreal Canadiens Playbook doesn’t have a section on Faking Injuries, 101. and Embellishing, eh, rats? …..c’mon! Senility is a sad, sad thing. Everyone saw and heard Pat Summerall lose his capacity to even remember the names of the teams he was covering…now Cole is losing his mind. Objectivity, my ass, CBC!

    It’s called satire, people. Look into it.

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