These days it’s almost impossible to read about Dwayne Roloson’s success in the Stanley Cup playoffs without seeing the number “41″ placed in a prominent position in the article. These days he isn’t just Dwayne Roloson, he’s “41-year-old Dwayne Roloson,” the “ageless wonder” who “has an awful lot of pepper in his scalp and playoff beard.” We’re pretty sure that if Mark Recchi wasn’t in these playoffs, everyone would be calling Roloson “ancient.”

But with all of that age comes experience. Dwayne Roloson has seen more and done more than pretty much everyone. He’s been through it all and he’s lived to tell about it. For example, while the world watched the royal wedding last week with excitement, Dwayne Roloson didn’t pay attention at all. He’s been there and done that:

If that doesn’t impress you, we’re sure you’ll be interested to see what else Roloson has experienced in his long, long, long life.

NASA doesn’t want this information to leak out, but it’s a proven fact that the United States couldn’t have landed a man on the moon without Dwayne Roloson’s help.

Roloson’s been pretty lucky in his life too. He was supposed to travel first class on the Titanic, but ended up changing his mind at the last minute.

That was a close one. If he’d taken that trip, he may have missed out on everything else that life had to offer. Moments like this:

Of course, in Roloson’s long life he hasn’t just seen celebrations and victories. No, he’s also witnessed his share of tragedy.

But overall, it’s been worth it. Roloson brings so much to the Tampa Bay Lightning because he’s seen so much.

Will Roloson’s next adventure involve the Stanley Cup?