I haven’t seen a more useless sign since the State of Vermont tried to sell its maple syrup.

This series needs a Sami Salo injury

With one sweep in the books and two more potentially coming tomorrow night, the second round of the playoffs has been like the cheap knock-off Pogs that your parents bought you when Pogs were the only thing that could make a kid cool. But the one series that’s at least provided the illusion of being competitive is the Canucks/Predators tilt.

Between phenomenal goaltending, dramatic overtimes (including a double-overtime), and pathetic officiating, we’ve seen a bit of everything in just three games. But one thing we really need is a Sami Salo injury, and of course we can’t have that unless Salo is actually playing.

Oh look, our wishes may be fulfilled!

Vancouver’s trade deadline fortification

There were more than a few chuckles when Mike Gillis handed Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre Canucks jerseys at the trade deadline. Now they’ve become key contributors and role players.

How Predators fans become Predators fans

Throughout the Canucks/Predators series there’s been a steady stream of mainstream media outlets becoming infatuated with the excitement about hockey in this far off land called Nashville. And it truly has been nice to see the jubilance at every game.

But with all the stories taking a poetic look at a growing legion of puckheads, a few cute little narratives were bound to surface. Here’s how Carissa Bigue, a recently minted Preds fan from Little Rock, Arkansas, determined her hockey allegiance with several teams within reasonable driving distance

“There are the Dallas Stars, but we hate the Cowboys and they have the same logo, so that wasn’t happening. There are the St. Louis Blues, but their mascot is a music note. That’s not very tough. The Nashville Predators with a sabre-tooth tiger, that’s a given.”

No Sullivan, but we have an NHL.com fail

Predators veteran forward Steve Sullivan suffered a lower-body injury in Game 3 after colliding with Canucks defenceman Dan Hamhuis. He won’t be in the lineup tonight, and he may miss the rest of the series.

But hey, at least he inspired the latest NHL.com fail.